A spokesman for Dragon LNG has dismissed claims that men were forced to work in dangerous conditions in Monday's high winds as "absolute nonsense".

Concerns over pay, safety and water led to a two day walk out at the site this week. Men claimed that there was no water on site for at least four hours on Saturday and that the site safety officer was overruled when he said it was too risky to work in Monday's weather conditions.

The spokesman dismissed claims that the men had been forced to work in dangerous wind speeds as "absolute nonsense".

"It is absolutely ridiculous," he said. "On something like this there are very clear criteria on conditions that are safe to work. If there is the slightest risk then things stop."

He added that Saturday's mass walk out had not been agreed with the contractors or approved by the union. He said that the water problem was resolved before lunch time on Saturday.

"There was no need to walk out," he said.