An investigation has been launched after a man was caught on camera performing a hazardous stunt while posing as a South Hook LNG worker.

Footage has appeared on website YouTube of a man setting the goggles alight on his helmet, before putting it on his head and laughing as the flames rise.

His colleagues laugh along with him, and he is heard to say “I’m a loon” before taking off his helmet and blowing out the fire.

The video — posted under the name mrkoogs — was tagged “lng Milford Haven Pembrokeshire funny Ledwoods” and was titled ‘burning goggles’.

Pembroke Dock-based company Ledwood is now investigating the source of the clip, and plans to take legal action if anyone is found abusing the Ledwood name.

Ledwood director Alan Davies, said there were no landmarks visible in the video to suggest it was one of the company’s sites, and he did not recognise the man in the footage as one of their employees.

He said: “We are very concerned about people allegedly using our legitimate name.

“We are a very responsible company, and do not want to be associated with this type of bravado or just plain stupid behaviour. It would not be tolerated and would mean instant dismissal.”

He added: “Our people would be subject to severe measures if they could be recognised doing something like this, and would know the consequences if they were caught.”

The 47-second video, posted in December, was removed suddenly from the site while the Western Telegraph made enquiries about the recording earlier this week.

South Hook LNG said it was unable to view the clip before it was removed from the website, and was not in a position to comment.