An ‘irritable’ pregnant woman punched a female police officer in the groin after the family car was stopped at Fishguard port last month.

Slavia Vaduva, aged 27, of Harringay, London, who is Romanian, spoke though an interpreter when she appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court last Tuesday, and pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Jones on March 26th.

Ellie Morgan, prosecuting, told the court a vehicle carrying three men and mother-of-five Vaduva was stopped by police at 1.15am at the port, because of information it was illegally driven.

The men got out of the car which was to be seized, but the defendant refused to leave the back seat, and started shouting and swearing while trying to slam the door.

She attempted to spit at the police but missed and was warned about her behaviour.

PC Jones was momentarily distracted, and Vaduva hit her in her groin.

Mark Layton defending said: “She was tired and just wanted to sleep in the car. She was at the point of exhaustion when the police asked her to get out of the car, and being somewhat irritable she reacted in the way she did, which she regrets.”

The court heard that Vaduva was also subject to a suspended eight week sentence for a similar offence, which she was now in breach of.

This was extended for a further six months and an eight week curfew with an electronic tag was imposed, 7pm and 6am.

She was also ordered to pay £50 compensation to PC Jones and £85 court costs The presiding magistrate said: “In this country we are very protective of our police officers, she must always do what they say and be polite to them.

“She will go to prison if it happens again. She really needs to understand that.”