A new project that hopes to open the historic fort on St Catherine's Island in Tenby to the public is being put forward, the Western Telegraph has learned.

The Tenby Island Project says it has secured ownership of the fort and is in the process of consultation and planning with the relevant authorities and regulators, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority.

There are a number of changes and restorations proposed as part of the project, with one major addition being a two-metre wide bridge to the mainland.

The fort was built during the Napoleonic Wars as part of a number of coastal fortifications around the UK and has previously been used as a zoo and residence.

Although details about its new use are still being developed, among the plans are places to eat and drink.

A spokesman for the Tenby Island Project told the Western Telegraph it was time to open the island and fort and open it to all as a "fantastic attraction."

He said: "Tourists visiting the island will undoubtedly walk through the town and stay close by, it is hoped that this will benefit the town and create a real community asset.

"For the last 20 years we have looked over to the island with its sense of mystique and intrigue and have wanted to see the place full of people, smiling, laughing and catching the sun."

He added that there was "a lot of work to be done" and that local trades people and businesses would be the ones that "make it happen," providing the necessary permissions are granted.

The project is also looking for any stories or ideas people may have for the fort and any photographs to fill in gaps in the island's history.

The spokesman added: "We know that many people have studied the wildlife and geology and would love to meet anyone who has been involved in this. If you have dreams or ideas I would love to take you for a coffee to hear them."

The full proposal document can be found at www.tenbyisland.com.

You can contact the project by sending an email to contact@tenbyisland.co.uk.