A local dog rescuer wants to dispel some of the myths surrounding staffies and find a good home for a nine-year-old in her care.

Yvonne Parkins, of Llanrhian, took in Sugar after she was dumped at the Swansea pound, and is now looking for a fosterer for her.

She said: “She’s a dear old staffie girl who has been passed from pillar to post.

She is full of fun, adores affection and loves being with you. She is generally good with other dogs, enjoys short walks, is very clean and will make a wonderful companion.

“She is a sweetie, but not with cats.”

Sugar has had a mild heart attack and a black-out and is on medication, but Yvonne says she is willing to pay for her vets bills and food.

Yvonne added: “Someone needs to put in a good word for staffies, they have a bad reputation, but are such people dogs and just want to please you.”

For more information call Yvonne on 01348 831103 or email yvonnepatparkins@ aol.com.