Emergency services and Environment Agency Wales are warning residents to take care as a period of potentially very heavy rain approaches west Wales.

Severe weather warnings are in place across Wales and Dyfed Powys Local Resilience Forum, which coordinates the Multi-Agency response to incidents, is reminding motorists to take care while driving and not to approach areas of flooded water.

"Don’t take any unnecessary risks – stay away from these roads until the weather conditions significantly improve," said a spokesman.

All the latest information about flood warnings across Wales can be found on the websites of the Environment Agency and Met office.

Contact Floodline on 0845 988 1188 for advice and information on your local area.

• Parts of Milford Haven and the surrounding area experienced a 'mini-twister' last night.

The twister - or funnel cloud - was spotted by Michael Harris of Milford Haven who captured the photograph on this page.

He said: "The funnel cloud was coming down over Hakin on 5th July at 6.30pm. Unfortunately it didn't touch down to make a tornado, but could clearly be seen spinning."

Tasha Rees of Steynton added: "I saw it out of my bedroom window. It didnt really make any noise, but it was windy. I saw the mini tornado forming.

"The sky was white, appart from this cloud, it was dark. I could see that it was spinning, and could see it getting bigger, the bottom of it getting larger and almost touching the ground.

"Around 10 mins later it was gone and the sky was white again." Tasha Rees

National Park Discovery Ranger Tom Moses added: "I was leaving our Llanion HQ and looked towards Waterston- the funnel cloud was pretty obvious as it reached down from the dark thunder cloud. "As a National Park Discovery Ranger I was immediately really excited and grabbed my camera - this is a brilliant example of the amazing things you can see if you keep your eyes peeled when out and about. "I’m a bit gutted we didn’t get a waterspout in the Haven."