The trustees of Milford Haven Social Service Centre (MHSSC) will be holding a public consultation meeting this evening (Monday), about its work with young people.

Hosted at Milford Haven Youth Centre, the meeting will outline plans that the trustees have to develop the work of the trust for the benefit of young people in the Milford Haven area.

Chris Charlton, of MHSSC, said when Project Milford ceased, the social service centre trustees decided to sell the building in St Peter’s Road and put the money towards filling the gap in provision.

“The plans are well advanced with the building having been sold, negotiations with the Charity Commission well advanced and ongoing and company status having been secured,” he said.

For more information about the meeting or to learn more about the trustees proposals contact 01646 697967 or 01646 600614.

The meeting will start at 7pm refreshments available from 6:30pm.