Reports are coming in of a major incident in Haverfordwest.

Initial unconfirmed information suggests a man is carrying a large blade on a roof in the town centre.

Bridge Street has been cordoned off at both ends and eye witnesses have said there is a large police presence in the town centre. Two vans are currently parked on the square and two more behind the market. Armed police and police dogs are present.

One woman at the scene said that the police activity seemed to be centred on Hole in the Wall, the alleyway between the back of the market and Ocky Whites.

“There are police and people everywhere,” she said. “Police are moving everybody out of the area. It’s obviously a big incident.

“There are police outside the Funky Den looking up at the roof and carrying riot shields.”
Other witnesses said that there had been an earlier incident in the Castle Pub, which is reported to have several broken windows.

If you are in the area, and have information on the incident, please contact the newsroom on 01437 761 764.