More than 30 projects applied for Go M.A.D. help, which the GO M.A.D. panel have now whittled down to a short list of 14. It’s a short list that involves a long list of materials and volunteers. Says David Pryse Lloyd, High Sheriff: “Choosing the short list was so difficult for the panel as every application was worthwhile. What we now have is actually a very long list – 14 projects needing materials like paint and painting equipment, tiles and bathroom fittings, flooring, furniture and curtains. It’s much more than our Go M.A.D. fund will cover so we’re hoping that local businesses will give us stuff like display kitchens and bathrooms, discontinued stock like paint and filler, plus any usable furnishings that are being replaced. “And we really need volunteers to help do the projects. As one of our applicants put it: ‘We’re an elderly committee - we may have the time to do the work but we don’t have the knees!’ Come on Pembrokeshire – please contact us and volunteer your services .”

David is High Sheriff of Dyfed for just a year. The office is entirely voluntary and every high sheriff can focus on causes dear to his or her heart. For David, it’s the strong sense of community that makes living in our towns and villages really special. By declaring September Go M.A.D. month, he hopes businesses and individuals will rally together to help community groups to tackle outstanding projects and make a difference in their own areas.

If you can help, by offering DIY equipment or furnishings, or by giving up a few days in September to help work on a project, please contact Go M.A.D. coordinator Maureen on 01834 891534 or