MORE than £76,000 was spent by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority on members’ salaries and travel allowances in the past year.

The Authority has published the cost of basic and senior salaries for the last financial year, 2013 – 2014 as well as the amount paid in reimbursement for travel, subsistence and other expenses.

The 18 members of the Authority were paid a total of £65,903 in basic and senior salaries.

Allowances during this period were determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales, whose remit to prescribe Members’ salaries extended to National Park Authorities in 2012.

The percentage of attendance of each member at meetings was also published, including those that only attended part of the year due to changes in Pembrokeshire County Council representation.

In June 2013 Cllr Mike James was appointed as chairman, taking over from Cllr Tony Brinsden who had been chairman since 2011. Cllr James’ senior salary amounts to £6,609.

National Assembly appointed members Ted Sangster and Gwyneth Hayward received £4,466 and £4,360 senior salary amounts respectively.

Twelve members received a basic salary of £3,550 including Cllrs Michael Williams, Peter Morgan, Lyn Jenkins, Alison Lee, Bob Kilmister and Paul Harries.

During the 2013/14 financial year Cllr Brinsden left the Authority along with Cllr Tony Wilcox, with Cllr Owen James and Cllr Stanley Hudson appointed in their place.

Reimbursement of travelling, subsistence and other expense payments amounted to £10,216 for the same period, compared with £8,929 in 2012/13.

Members are expected to attend a range of meetings on behalf of the Authority and are paid expenses under travel and subsistence.

The highest amount claimed for travel was by chairman Cllr James with £1,709 paid back, closely followed by Assembly appointed members Melinda Thomas with £1,539 and Allan Archer with £1,233.

The lowest amount paid was to Christine Gwyther who claimed £11.

The highest claim for a county council member was paid to Cllr Paul Harries with a

total of £793, followed by Cllr David Rees who received £652.

Outgoing chairman Cllr Tony Brinsden attended 100% of his expected meetings, as did Cllrs Peter Morgan, Lyn Jenkins and Paul Harries.

The lowest attendance was recorded by Cllr Alison Lee and Christine Gwyther who both attended 67% of expected meetings with Melinda Thomas not far behind with only 71% attendance.

The full document can be accessed at under About Us/The Authority/Corporate Documents/Draft Statement of Accounts 2013-14.