Pembrokeshire County Councillors have voted to take no further action to reclaim money paid to chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones under a pension arrangement declared unlawful by the Wales Audit Office.

Councillors are currently meeting at County Hall and agenda item 5 was to discuss a notice of motion in relation to the 'pay supplement scheme' which landed the council in hot water with the Wales Audit Office.

A police investigation into the situation followed but no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered.

In May councillors voted to write to Mr Parry-Jones and another officer asking for the money they received under the scheme (£45,606) to be returned.

As the Western Telegraph revealed this week, a letter was received on behalf of Mr Parry-Jones which suggested that any efforts to reclaim the cash were unlikely to succeed and added that Mr Parry-Jones had transferred some of the cash to his wife.

This morning's meeting voted to go into private session but council Labour leader Paul Miller later tweeted: "Leader proposes that 'No further action be taken against the Chief Executive.'

"Vote taken and no further action will be taken. Record vote details to follow but Tory and IPG together carry the day! He can keep the cash!"