RNLI lifeguards rescued two bodyboarders, and assisted another four people back to shore, after they were caught in a flash rip current off Freshwater West yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

Lifeguards spotted six people struggling after a flash rip current opened up at the southern end of the beach. The six adults - aged between 18 and 35 – had been body-boarding, swimming and surfing before they got into difficulty.

Lifeguards Ben Williams and Adam Pitman rushed into the water on rescue boards, while Sam Trevor used the charity’s rescue tube to assist the swimmers. Ben made his way to one of the bodyboarers and towed the person back to safety and Sam safely brought the swimmers back to shore. Ben then returned to the scene and joined Adam in escorting the two novice surfers from the rip current to a safe area.

This is the second rescue from a rip current on Freshwater West this week; on Tuesday afternoon a kayaker and a surfer got into trouble and were rescued by Ben.

RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor, Chris Rigby said: “Rip currents are hard to spot and can be very dangerous; this is why it’s very important to swim at a lifeguarded beach and take note of the red and yellow flags. “If you find yourself in trouble raise your hand and shout for help. But if you see someone else in trouble please don’t try to take part in the rescue yourself, tell a lifeguard or call 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

RNLI lifeguards provide a daily safety service on Freshwater West beach from 10am-6pm throughout the summer season.