Animal Health Inspectors from the county council have intervened to save neglected livestock on a Pembrokeshire farm.

Four young cattle and two pigs were removed from the farm by the Inspectors from the Public Protection Division of Pembrokeshire County Council using powers under the Animal Welfare Act.

The animals were seized following advice from a vet who said they were likely to suffer further if they were not removed.

Haverfordwest Magistrates were told on Monday that the animals had been underfed and were severely stunted in their development.

The court was told that apart from the appalling state of the premises, there was a consistent lack of feed, bedding and water.

Seizure of the livestock became the only option after the farmer failed to adhere to repeated instructions by Animal Health Inspectors to care for them.

Magistrates granted an application by the council for an order allowing the animals to be disposed of ‘otherwise than by sale’.

The farmer - who is not being named to avoid potentially prejudicing any further court proceedings - failed to appear in court to oppose the order and has 21 days to appeal.

County Councillor Huw George, Cabinet Member for Environmental and Regulatory Services, said that since the animals were seized six weeks ago they had been well cared for and their condition had greatly improved.

He added: “The authority is making provisions for re-homing the animals where they are presently being cared for.”

The council was awarded £5,365 in costs.