The sun shines down on Pembroke Show

The sun shines down on Pembroke Show

STARTING YOUNG: Three year-old Lowri Kenniford is led around the jump course by mum Rhian.PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047339)

PRIZE WINNING PONY: Drew Edwards won the mixed height show pony with Bertie.PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047343)

CUTE: Young Lowri Kenniford awaits her turn in the ring. PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047381)

COME BYE: This sheepdog performs well in the trials.PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047410)

TAKING THE LEAD: Chloe Bowen, age 6, is led to a jump on her pony Coppybush Moonbeam.PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047443)

ON SHOW: This chenut competes in one of the hunter classes.PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047483)

TRIPLE DELIGHT: The top three horses in the open hunter section under saddle. PICTURE: Western Telegraph (9047533)

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PEMBROKE Farmers’ Club held its annual town and country show in Lamphey on Wednesday, August 6.

The event, now in its 197th year, broke with tradition and was blessed with glorious sunshine.

The schedule included traditional farmer’s exhibits of cattle, sheep, horses and goats, as well as a fur and feather section and a variety of local displays in the rural craft marquee.

Other attractions were show jumping, sheep dog trials, birds of prey, a vintage tractor and vehicle display and terrier racing. There were also a range of trade stands, fair rides and hands on workshops.

In his chairman’s message John Frazer said: “As the club approaches its 200th year anniversary, it is great to see what was started to enhance and improve agriculture in the area evolve to its present show for the town and country.

“It is my pleasure to thank the many people and organisations that make this town and country show possible. To the Phillips family who provide the iconic site, to the sponsors, donors and exhibitors who make the show vibrant and to all those whose hard work and generosity make it happen, the South Pembrokeshire Young Farmers, secretaries, stewards, judges and members of the management committee."

Horse class results


Class 1 - S Higham

Class 2 - M Meyrick

Class 3 - Charlotte Owen

Class 4 - Viv Dooner

Class 5 - Charlotte Owen

Class 6 - PK & AM Evans

Class 7 - PK & AM Evans

Class 8 - PK & AM Evans

Class 9 - PK & AM Evans

Class 10 - S Hayman

Working hunters:

Class 11 – Viv Dooner

Class 12 - S Higham

Open show ponies and show hunter ponies

Class 13 - Sarah Whitfield

Class 14 - D Edwards

Class 15 - Val Rees

Class 16 - Gill Davies

Class 18 - M Meyrick

Working hunter ponies:

Class 19 – Seren James

Class 20 – Cerys Harts

Class 21 – Seren Thorne

Class 22 – William Davies

Class 23 – Charlotte Rees

Class 24 – Val Rees & Melanie James

Class 25 – Katie Gamage

Class 26 - Charlotte Rees

Mountain and moorland:

Class 27 – Owen Thomas

Class 28 – S Scourfield

Class 29 – Mandy Daniel

Class 30 – Sarah Whitfield

Class 31 - Sarah Whitfield

Welsh ponies and cobs:

Class 32 – Owen Thomas

Class 33 – Judith Reed

Class 34 – David Grills

Class 35 – D Cumine

Class 37 – Genna Bowen

Coloured (piebald and skewbald):

Class 39 - Gentie Campbell

Class 40 - Mrs S Higham

Arab, part-bred Arab and palaminos:

Class 41 – M Meyrick

Class 43 - Charlotte Owen

Pony breeding:

Class 44 – Heather Vaughan

Class 45 – Heather Vaughan

Class 46 - Heather Vaughan

Best fancy dress:

On pony – Bride and groom

Cattle class results

Beef cattle pedigree section (British breed):

Class C1 – Kyle Davies

Class C5 – Kyle Davies

Class C6 – Kyle Davies

Beef cattle pedigree section (continental breed):

Class C7 – Chris Phillips

Class C8 – D I & HM Rogers

Class C9 – Patrick Russell

Class C11 – D I & HM Rogers

Class C12 - D I & HM Rogers

Commercial section:

Class C13 – T & K Coney

Class C14 – A Phillips

Class C15 – A Phillips

Class C16 – A Phillips

Class C17 – A Phillips

Class C18 – A Phillips

Dairy cattle:

Class C19 – Rob John

Class C20 - Rob John

Special classes:

Class C25 - Chris Phillips

Class C28 -A Phillips

Class C29 - T Coney

Class C30 - Fay Brickell

Sheep class results


Class S1 – Ioan Jones

Class S2 – K Head

Class S3 – Ioan Jones

Class S4 - Ioan Jones

Champion - K Head


Class S5 - Eifion Hughes

Class S7 - Eifion Hughes

Champion – E Hughes

Any British lowland breed:

Class S9 – E B & S Jones

Class S10 – E B & S Jones

Class S11 – E B & S Jones

Class S12 - E B & S Jones

Champion - E B & S Jones

Any mountain breed:

Class S13 – W Evans

Class S14 – W Evans

Class S15 – W Evans

Class S16 - W Evans

Champion – W Evans

Any continental breed:

Class S17 – Ioan Jones

Class S18 – Paul Moynahan

Class S19 – Paul Moynahan

Class S20 - Ryan Thomas

Champion – Ryan Thomas

Special class commercial sheep:

Class S21 – Kyle Hay

Class S22 – Kyle Hay

Class S23 – Kyle Hay

Class S24 – Kyle Hay

Class S25 – Becky Summons

Class S26 - Richard Evans

Champion – K Hay

Best group of three:

E B & S Jones

Show champion – E B Jones

Goat class results

Pygmy section:

Class G10 - Lorraine Hunt

Class G12 - Carol & Chris Tough

Class G12 - Carol & Chris Tough

Class G15 - Carol & Chris Tough

Pets Corner:

1st Flavia Jenkins Blue Dutch Rabbit

2nd Cariad Johns Angorra Rabbit

3rd Eloise Jenkins Netherland Dwarf Rabbit


Horticulture results:    
1. Cookery and Preserves Challenge Cup
Most points in cookery and preserves - Abbi Russell, Clare Pugh, Ann Brown Derek Smith.
2. Daphne Russell Salver
Most points in handicraft - Joan Scourfield    
3. Margaret Phillips Cup    
Most outstanding exhibit in handicraft section - Susan Jones    
4. Joyce Eynon Memorial Cup
Most points in cookery, preserves and handicraft section -     Clare Pugh    
5. Mavis Rees Trophyu
Best exhibit in rural craft - John Donnachie    
6. Teenage cup
Most points in teenage section - Thea Jenkins    
7. Children's Cup
Most points in children’s section - Charlotte Lewis    
8. May Robertys Cup
Best (under 13) child’s painting (not necessarily a prize winner) - Jordan Roberts    
9. Margaret Phillips Uphill Trophy
Best art exhibit - Dianne Harries    
10. Richard Thomas Memorial Shield    
For encouragement of art. Best (under 19) artist - Georgia Murphy    
11. Art Trophy    
Most points in class 49-51- Jonathan Nutting    
12. Simeon Lloyd Cup
Adult photography section - Mike Rowe    
13. Simeon Lloyd Cup    
Children’s photography section -    
14. Margaret Morgan Memorial Salver
Best exhibit in wine section - Joanne Lewis    
14a. Pam Morris Gin Cup
Vicky Goodwin    
15. ‘My Favourite Things' China Trophy
Most points in Egg section - Clare Pugh    
16. Margaret Frazer Cup
Novice Floral Art. Winner of Novice class - Dianne Harries    
17. Carol Thomas Cup
Floral Art. Best exhibit in class 69 - M Lawrence    
18. Wally Howells Cup    
Most points in floral art section - Dianne Harries    
19. Special Needs Floral Cup
20. Bevan Memorial Cup
Becci Bevan    
21. Wood turners cup
22. Pembroke Farmers Cup    
Best school exhibit    
23. Trophy for School with Most Entries    
Pembroke Dock Community School    
Domestic Section results by class:    
Class 1    Tea loaf - 1st Gill McClaren
Class 2    Victoria sponge - 1st Ann Albury
Class3    Four Welsh cakes - 1st Clare Pugh
Class 4    Cup cakes - 1stB. Evans
Class 5    Four fruit scones - 1st    Abigail Russell
Class 6    Handmade loaf of Bread - 1st S. Smith
Class 7    Seven inch open fruit flan - 1st Becci Bevan
Men only
Class 8    Chocolate Sponge - 1st Derek Smith
Class 9    Sausage rolls - 1stDerek Smith
Class 10    Jam - 1st Clare Pugh
Class 11    Marmalade - 1st Joanne Lewis
Class 12    Lemon Curd - 1st Ann Brown
Class 13    Jelly - 1st Ann Brown
Class 14    Chutney - 1st Elizabeth Minchin
Class 15     Hand knitting -1st Wendy Williams
Class 16    Machine sewn item - 1st Mary Lou Clewett
Class 17    Patchwork item - 1st Joan Scourfield
Class 18    Hand embroidery - 1st Jean Gibbons
Class 19    Crochet - 1st Susan Jones
Class 20    Cushion - 1st    Cynthia Edwards
Class 21    Soft toy    1st - Rosanne Dungey
Rural craft    
Class 23    Carved or whittled - 1st Tudor Harries
Class 24    Metal work - 1st John Donnachie
Class 25    String of bunting - 1st    Philippa Edwards
Class 26    Weaving - 1st    Philippa Edwards
Class 27    Greetings card - 1stCarol Rowe
Teenage section:
Cookery 13-16years    
Class 29    4 cup cakes - 1st Jess Gibby
Class 31    Greetings card - 1stThea Jenkins
Class 32    Case for i-pad - 1st Caitlin Nutting
Children aged 5 and under:    
Class 33    Twp decorated biscuits - 1st Iwan Anthony
Class 34    Decorated crispie cakes - 1st Ruby Doyle
Class 35    Dress your teddy - 1st    Brychan James
Class 36    an animal made from an egg box - 1st Lewis Mason
Children aged 9 and under:    
Class 37    A pirate pizza - 1st Charlotte Lewis
Class 38    Four flapjacks - 1st Sophie Lewis
Class 39    A peg person -1st Alfie Gilpin
Class 40    A collage …the beach     - 1st Troy Jenkins
Children age 12 and under
Class 41    A pasta dish - 1st Hannah Nicholls
Class 42    Undecorated flavoured sponge - 1st    Lauren Davies
Class 43    Model plane - 1st Rosie Howells
Class 44    items in a match box - 1st Rowan Taylor
Children's Art    
Class 45    A fish - 1st Caitlin Rose
Class 46     Under the sea    1st - Troy Jenkins
Class 47    A coastal path view - 1st Jordan Roberts
Class 48    Picture of own choice - 1st Georgia Murphey
Adult art    
Class 49    Oil / acrylics - 1st Jonathan Nutting
Class 50    Water colour - 1st Cheryl Grimley
Class 51    Drawing in pastel/pencil or other medium - 1st Dianne Harries
Class 52    Man's best friend - 1st Mike Rowe
Class 53    World War - 1st Cheryl Hewitt
Class 54    Farming - 1st Martin Lewis
Class 55    Child under 13 my family - 1stCarys Ratcliffe
Class 56    Hedgerow wine - 1st    Diana Dredge
Class 57    Red wine - 1st    Joanne Lewis
Class 58    White wine - 1st Joanne Lewis
Class 59    Fruit spirit -1st    Vicky Goodwin
Class 61    A jar of honey - 1st A. Johnston
Class 64    Five Hen Eggs - 1st Gareth James
Class 65    Five Bantam Eggs - 1st Clare Pugh
Class 66    Five Duck Eggs - 1st    Clare Pugh
Floral art    
Class 67    Petite - 1st Danne Harries
Class 68    Novice / basket - 1stDianne Harries
Class 69    Beaches - 1st    M. Lawrence
Class 70    Black and white - 1st    Dianne Harries
Class 71     Village fete - 1st    Barrie Price
Class 72    All green - 1st    Gwyneth John
Class 73    Any theme / under 16 yrs -1st    R. Howells
Special Needs
Class 74    Floral art fresh flower arrangement - 1stNorma
Class 75    Cookery decorated cup cake - 1st Becci Bevan
Class 76    Cards -1st Robert Jamieson
Class 77    Handicraft - 1st Becci Bevan
Class 78    Driftwod - 1st    Sarah White
Class 79    Art collage/recycled - 1st Chantelle and Tom
Horticultural section trophy winners
Most points in Novice Classes (class 142 a - e) - Dianna Dredge, Judith Butland    
Most points in Fruit & Veg classes - Terrance Neale    
3.     JOE HILL CUP    
Most points in Flower classes - Richard Davies        
Most points in Fruit Flower & Veg classes - Richard Davies    
Best exhibit in Fruit Flower & Veg classes - Richard Davies    
Best exhibit in Runner Bean class - Les Thomas    
Best exhibit in Dahlia classes - Richard Davies    
Best exhibit in Roses class 103 - Richard Davies    
9. BRACE, REES & Partners CUP    
For winner of Begonia class - Margaret Lord    
Most points in Veg classes 116-141 - Terence Neale    
Best exhibit in Veg classes - Chantelle    
Best exhibit – Sweet Pea class 113 - Dianne Dredge    
Julian Corseside    
Heaviest Onion in show    
Richard Davies    
Horticultural Section results by section    
Class 82    Cherry or Plum Tomatoes - 1st John Russell
Class 83    Tomatoes on a Stalk - 1st    John Russell
Class 84     Stalks Rhubarb - 1st    Jean Sheppard
Class 85    Cooking apples - 1st John Nicholls
Class 86    Dessert apples    - 1st    Ellis James
Class 87    100g. Soft fruit     -1st    Richard Davies
Class 88    Tall Hardy flowers (3) -  1st Margaret Lord
Class 88a    4 short hardy flowers     - 1st    Cheryl Hewitt
Class 89    Dahlias Cactus x3 - 1st Richard Davies
Class 90    Dahlias Pom Pom x3 - 1st Richard Davies
Class 91    Dahlia -any variety -     1st Richard Davies
Class 92    Dahlia - giant -     1st    Lionel Paish
Class 93    Dahlia - small     - 1st    Richard Davies
Class 94    Pansies x4 -     1st    Richard Davies
Class 95    Sweet Peas x6     - 1st    Cheyl Hewitt
Class 96    Sweet Peas x4     - 1st    Cheyl Hewitt
Class 97    Crocosmia x3    1st     - Laura
Class 98    Gladioli x3     - 1st    Richard Davies
Class 99    Zinnias x3     - 1st    Alan Butler
Class 100    Begonias     - 1st    Margaret Lord
Class 101    Marigolds 3 African -    1st    Les Thomas
Class 102    Marigold- French -     1st    Les Thomas
Class 103    Roses -3 blooms -     1st    Richard Davies
Class 104    Streptacarpus     - 1st    Mary Woods
Class 105    Non Flowering House Plant -     1st    Richard Davies
Class 107    Fuchsia     - 1st    Leanna Mason
Class 108    Cactus -    1st    Richard Davies
Class 109     Hydrangea 3 Blooms -     1st    Margaret Lord
Class 110    Lacecap Hydrangea     - 1st    Elizabeth Minchin
Class 111    Planted Container     - 1st    Leanne Mason
Class 112    Planted Pouch     - 1st    Tudor House
Class 113    Novice- Sweet Pea -     1st    Dianna Dredge
Class 115    Novice Gladioli x3 -     1st    Richard Stockwell
Class 116    Large Onions     - 1st    T. Neale
Class 117    Small Onions     - 1st    Les Thomas
Class 118    Heaviest Onion     - 1st    Julian Corseside
Class 119    Shallots -     1st    John Williams
Class 120    Cucumbers -     1st    Steve Butland
Class 121    Carrots-long rooted -     1st    T.Neale
Class 122    Carrots     - 1st    T. Neale
Class 123    Spring Onions -     1st    Steve Butland
Class 124    Beetroot -     1st    Rosemary Howells
Class 125    Bulb of Garlic -    1st    Cheryl Hewitt
Class 126    Collection-salad veg     - 1st    Steve Butland
Class 127    Basket of Herbs -     1st    Alan Davies
Class 128    Parsley -     1st    T.Neale
Class 129    Leeks -     1st    John Williams
Class130    Heaviest Marrow -     1st    Julian Coreside
Class 131    Courgettes     - 1st    Richard Davies
Class 132    Peas     - 1st    Charles Dredge
Class 133    Broad Beans     - 1st    Davie Stockwell
Class 134    Runner Beans -     1st    Les Thomas
Class 135    French Beans -     1st    Alan Davies
Class 136    Parsnips     - 1st    T. Neale
Class 137    A variety of salad Leaves -     1st    Ann Lankshear
Class 138    Potatoes - coloured     - 1st    T. Neale
Class 139    Potatoes - white -     1st    Alan Davies
Class 140    Potatoes 4 varieties     - 1st    Dianna Dredge
Class 141    Most unusual shaped vegetable -     1st    Samantha Nicholls

Novice section    
Class 142 - 1st    Dianna Dredge




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