A north Pembrokeshire beach has been closed following the discovery of a suspected ordnance device.

Milford Haven Coastguard has closed Cwm Yr Eglwys beach near Dinas “due to a suspect ordnance”.

Pembrokeshire County Council reports that the MOD is on its way from Plymouth to the scene and the beach is likely to be closed for the day.

Emergency services were called yesterday evening when the device was spotted at low tide.

Police and fire crews are also on scene.

Barry Scott from HM Coastguard said: “It was found yesterday by a member of the public at around 4pm.

“They called it in just as the tide was turning and by the time I got down here the tide had already covered it. I managed to get a couple of pictures but they weren’t very good through six inches of water.

“The possibilities are that it is some sort of ordnance or it could be something really simple like an old gas canister.

“There are things about it that don’t ring true with us. We all know what gas cylinders look like but this is very old.

“We’re not experts by any means. That’s why the team from Plymouth are on their way.”