A YOUNG Pennar mum, who suffered the heart-breaking theft of her little boy’s Christmas presents, has given tearful thanks for a community pulling together to help.

Ffion-Anne Lindley, 20, of Cross Park, suffered the loss of some £400-worth of Christmas presents for her 18-month-old son Finlay on October 28-29.

“I’ve gone without stuff for myself,” said Ffion. “I found it was all gone on Sunday; there was about £400 worth of Christmas presents in the wardrobe.

“They tried to take my son’s TV, they tried to rip it off the brackets.

“As soon as I realised they were missing I contacted the police straight away, they took my statement and I’ve had the forensics come up.”

It is believed the burglary took place between 10pm on the Saturday and 5am on the Sunday.

“I was out; my neighbour went to bed around 10.30-11 and heard my front door go; her son was up to about 2.30ish and heard the door go again.”

Ffion initially shared her misfortune on Facebook in the hope of tracking down some of the stolen toys, only for others to react to her plight by helping to make sure Finlay will have a Christmas to remember.

Ffion’s friend Sally James has been helping out, by setting up an online Gofundme page to help raise funds.

Sally wrote: “Ffion has been working very hard for the last few months and saving to make sure that she could make her son’s Christmas as special as possible. We have set up this fundraising page to reach out to people and ask if anybody could be as kind to donate anything they possibly can, to allow Ffion to give something to her son this Christmas.”

More than £100 has been raised to date through the page: gofundme.com/mu4wm-stolen-christmas The community as a whole has been rallying to help Ffion.

She said: “I broke in to tears; it’s nice that the community has come together. I don’t want charity, I just wanted to give my son the best Christmas, now everyone else is giving my son the best Christmas; I don’t know half the people helping out, it’s just nice to see the community pull together.”

Ffion also had unexpected help from Kilgetty resident Katie Preece Jones, who has raised £125, to date, to help Ffion with presents.

Katie, who posted an appeal on Facebook, is raising money through Paypal funds sent to katiejones0909@hotmail.co.uk Ffion said: “Neither me, my mum, or any of my family members have ever met her before; but she’s been my guardian angel.

“I’ve never been a problem with anything, now this has happened to me; complete strangers are coming together, I’ve seen just how caring people are in this community.

“Friends I haven’t seen since school have turned up with presents; I cannot thank everyone enough.”

Katie Preece Jones said of the appeal: “In all honesty it's an easy thing for anyone to do, but today people just don't put themselves forward; me on the other hand, I hate seeing people dealt a blow, even when I don't know them, and in my eyes a two-minute shout-out helps people out of a situation.

“As a person I cannot afford to simply help her out on my own, but I'm fairly well known, and knew if I put a post up I'd easily raise around £150, which in my eyes is £150 less she would have to find. It might not replace everything, however it's a help and I think, if prompted, the community will pull together.”

Police are appealing for information following the burglary, and are warning people to keep their gifts safe during the run-up to the festive season.