Police have confirmed that they are in attendance at an incident near Bridge Street, Haverfordwest.

They said that a man behaving in an “agitated” and “threatening” way had thrown items out of a flat onto the street and that there was concern that he might have a weapon.

“At approximately 12:55pm  today a report was received of a disturbance ongoing in a flat in Bridge Street, Haverfordwest,” said a police spokesman.

“Officers attended the scene, items were thrown from inside the property onto the street, and a man within the property was very agitated and threatening.

“There is concern that the man may possess a weapon, therefore to ensure the safety of the public the street has been cordoned off and pedestrians moved away.

“Also in the interests of safety, and as is usual in incidents such as this, armed officers are at the scene.”

If you are in the area, and have information on the incident, please contact the newsroom on 01437 761 764.