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Stephen Crabb hits campaign trail in Fishguard with promise to fight for town regeneration

Fishguard regeneration must be the top priority for Pembrokeshire, said Stephen Crabb, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, after consulting local residents and businesses during a visit to the town.

Stephen said: “Local jobs and regeneration of the town were the top issues people wanted to talk about, along with the introduction of the controversial parking charges.”

Stephen, and Paul Davies AM, met High Street traders and discussed their views on how the charges will affect business. Both Stephen and Paul have opposed the charges, which could further deter town centre activity.

He continued: “Regeneration is a key issue, and residents and businesses expressed disappointment that Fishguard seems to have been forgotten by the Welsh Assembly Government, despite promises back in 2003 of £30 million investment.”

After a lunch at Cresswells Cafe with his campaign team, Stephen visited Stena, WF Hall & Son and businesses at Goodwick Industrial Estate.

Over the last two years Stephen has worked with Stena to push forward the marina and harbour redevelopment plan which could bring major new investment into the town. He recently had a meeting with Stena and other partners in the project at the House of Commons, along with Welsh Secretary of State Peter Hain, to discuss the strategic importance of the project for Pembrokeshire.

Stephen added: "Securing Fishguard's economic future will require significant improvements to the transport infrastructure which serve the town and the harbour.

“Both the A40 road and the rail service fall far short of what is required. But this vital agenda for Fishguard and Pembrokeshire needs backing from the Welsh Assembly. I am determined that Fishguard should not be treated as a blind-spot."

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