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Conservatives ‘hit the ground running’ in election campaign

Stephen Crabb’s campaign to be re-elected as MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire ‘hit the ground running’, he reported today; his volunteer team of supporters has already canvassed in 46 local villages, estates and towns.

Stephen, who is the only candidate standing for the constituency who lives and was raised in the county said: “I always intended to conduct a vigourous campaign, but my team has so far surpassed my expectations with the intense programme they designed and are carrying out. It is just as well I like long distance running, my feet haven’t stopped, and this is only two weeks into the campaign.

“We have spoken to so many people that we have given up counting them. What has been really remarkable is the very high percentage of voters who are supportive and who have expressed anger at the incompetence of the government.”

In addition to canvassing throughout the constituency Stephen and his team have so far addressed two public meetings and taken part in two hustings where the other candidates were present, visited factories, farms, shops, an ice cream manufacturer, a dairy, work places, farms, pubs, cafes, village halls and pensioners’ luncheon clubs. He also met three of the County’s leading hauliers to discuss fuel prices and other business pressures.

He added: “We are close to the halfway mark in this campaign and have many more people to meet, places to visit, and meetings and hustings to attend before election day. But it is crucial we get the message across that it is only the Conservative Party which can replace this tired and inadequate government.

“The team and I can keep this hectic pace up, and still have enough energy for a sprint on the last straight. The positive and encouraging response we’ve had from voters reinvigorates our oomph, and impresses even us with the public’s desire for change.”

To date the team has passed on the Conservative message in: Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Llangwm, Hook, Burton, Rosemarket, Letterston, Mathry, Trecwn, Treffgarne, Fishguard, Goodwick, Cilgerran, Boncath, Bridell, Rosehill, Dale, St. Ishmaels, Marloes, Herbrandston, Robeston West, Newport, Eglwyswrw, Hayscastle, Croesgoch, Llanrhian, Trefin, St. David’s, Redhill Park, Slade Lane, St. Martin’s Park, Cashfield Estate, Camrose, Steynton, Simpson Cross, Roch, Newgale, Hayscastle, St. Dogmaels, Dinas, Llandeloy, Treffgarne Owen, Solva, Wiston, Spittal, and Ambleston.

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