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Tory big guns back Simon Hart

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Ken Clarke visited Narberth to support Conservative parliamentary candidate Simon Hart’s election bid and to talk to local businesses last week.

Mr Clarke, who is Shadow Business Secretary, told local traders just how dangerous a hung parliament would be for economic recovery.

“The worst possible thing for the economy would be an inconclusive result,” he said.

“Voters down here have a chance to play a key role in the decisions we have got to take.”

He spoke to local business people for half an hour before a quick tour of the town. Local traders raised a range of concerns with him, from the huge hike in business rates in Narberth to the possibility of introducing a USA-style sales tax instead.

Mr Clarke warned that there were tough times ahead, whichever party won the election.

“This is the worst economic crisis since the war,” he said. “I don’t think we’re out of recession necessarily, we are bouncing along the bottom. There’s some decisive action to be taken.

“We have a staggering level of Government debt and household debt and we have to get control of it.

“The sooner we get hold of it, the sooner recovery will get underway.

Mr Hart also met with Shadow Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan at Pembroke Castle.

Ms Gillan visited the area to support his election campaign and visited the new café at the historic attraction.

“We have been canvassing all across the county in the past week and are picking up support in every area,” said Mr Hart.

“The Labour majority here is only 1,900 so it really is neck and neck. We are reminding people that we are the only party with a realistic chance of beating Labour and that a vote for one of the minority parties will help to keep Gordon Brown in Downing Street for another five years.

“After 18 years with a Labour MP we sense that the people of Pembrokeshire feel its time for change.”

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