By Meyrick Brown

Stepping back in time, a display of old agricultural machinery doing an excellent job of work brings back, for many, a touch of true nostalgia.

Occasions such as this – courtesy of Gwilym and Janet Cornock and their family – rekindled many memories for the older generation while giving those who were younger an insight into a rural life that is mostly long gone.

Just about everyone is now familiar with massive modern machinery in our fields, but this was a chance to witness how threshing was done decades ago, the steam engines in all its glory and the gentle hum of the thresher doing its job.

Our photographs include part of a field of winter barley being harvested at Cefnydre Farm, near Fishguard, with a 60-year-old Albion pto driven reaper and binder drawn by a 1962 International B250 tractor.

Also the grain was put through an 80-year-old Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries thresher powered by the magnificent 6hp (nominal) RSJ Velfrey Queen steam engine built in 1931.

Well turned out 'celebrities' taking part in the operations included Brian Jones, president of this year's Royal Welsh Show, and his lady ambassador, Georgina Cornock-Evans in Women's Land Army (Land Girl) attire.