ONE of the most popular displays on the County Show on the opening day was the robotic milking demo near the livestock arena.

The Lely installation showed off what may be the future of dairy production as margins are squeezed ever tighter at farms.

But farmer and livestock director John Evans who supplied the cows is convinced it's not just a toy for the big boys.

He has been using the system at Treddiog Fach near Hayscastle for 16 months with a herd of 210 milking cows.

"As a family farm it certainly suits us," he said. "We have more family time and the system does what it says on the box.

"It has also been creating huge interest on the showground."

Sophisticated sensors guide the milking machine to the cow's teats – but not before the milker has been given a quick wash and the teats themselves are also brushed clean.

The machine also gives the farmer important information on milk quality, fat, protein and lactose content.

It also weighs the animal and will highlight any possible problems such as mastitis.