A PUBLIC meeting is being held this week to discuss controversial plans to start charging people to park in Goodwick.

The meeting has been called by Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council in response to Pembrokeshire County Council’s proposals to introduce charges at Station Hill car park.

The facility is currently free of charge and used by patients of Goodwick Surgery, as well as residents who cannot park outside of their properties and shoppers.

The charges proposed for Station Hill are: 40p for 1 hour, 50p for 2 hours, 60p for four hours and £1 for 24 hours. These charges would apply to the 43 spaces all year round.

A statutory consultation process is going to take place before any final decision is taken.

If you would like to have a say, go along to the restaurant room of the Glendower Hotel, Goodwick on Thursday, January 29 at 7pm.

A town council spokesman said: “Do not miss your opportunity to hear from Goodwick Town and County councillors with vital information for you in the effort to keep Goodwick car park free.”