FISHGUARD Library will close on Fridays from April 1 after the Town Council decided not to take over the running costs.

The Finance Committee met on January 22 to discuss picking up the bill from Pembrokeshire County Council, which is recommending that the facility be closed on that particular day.

The Head of Cultural Services, Mike Cavanagh explained Fishguard Library was having its hours reduced following a cost-cutting exercise. Under the proposals, it will no longer open on Fridays as this was deemed to be the quietest day.

Mr Cavanagh said: “We’re discussing with town, community and city councils on whether they would consider making an annual payment to the County Council to stop the library being closed on particular days.

“We wouldn’t want a penny more than what it costs us, we would only be looking to cover our staffing costs.”

He estimated the cost of keeping the library open on Fridays to be somewhere between £6,500-£7,200 a year.

Reporting back to Town Council on January 27, the chairman of the Finance Committee, Councillor Mike Mayberry said they decided not to take up the offer, but they would keep the Last Invasion Tapestry, which occupies a gallery next door, open with volunteers which are already in place.

He said: “We will see what the feeling is in the town and review the situation in six months time when we look at next year’s budget.”

Cllr Richard Grosvenor said: “We have not got the money in this year’s budget, the only way to pay for it would be to increase the precept.”

He also expressed concerns about Pembrokeshire County Council offloading services in a bid to save money.