Children in Goodwick should be smiling by the end of this month, as a new piece of play equipment is due to be installed in the Parrog play park.

A large section of the wooden park, including the toddler slide, parallel bar slide, monkey rings, balance bar and associated platforms were removed in October after rot was discovered in the structure.

The final part of the wooden equipment, the monkey bars, was removed in January after the county council’s maintenance teams found it to be in poor condition.

However, after a public outcry and the establishment of a Save Our Playgrounds group, money was found from the council’s playground maintenance budget for new play equipment for the popular park.

A selection of six equipment options was put to the public vote just before Christmas. The winning design was a ship themed multi activity apparatus which includes two slides, bridges and climbing platforms.

The equipment was ordered at the beginning of January and the council confirmed that it is due to be installed at the end of February.

“This new play installation is provisionally booked to be installed at the end of this month, the exact date is to be confirmed,” said a spokesman.