THE performance of Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council came under the spotlight at the last meeting.

Reporting back to his fellow town councillors, Cllr Mike Mayberry from the Performance Review Committee gave updates on a number of projects which the town council had become involved in over the past 12 months.

Among them were the ‘You Are Here’ signs which had been proposed by Cllr Belinda Davies to help tourists find their way around the twin towns. Cllr Mayberry said that the project had stalled and that a new map maker had been sourced to get it going again. He also hoped that the new flag poles would be in place on the Parrog in time for Easter.

The vacant Abergwaun Hotel and Royal Oak on Fishguard Square were also discussed. Cllr Mayberry said Brains Brewery had promised to keep the town council updated on any developments, but that they had not heard anything.

Councillor Edward Perkins said: “It’s my guess that the commercial demands are at such a rate that no one can afford to take them on.”

The idea of holding town councillor surgeries on market day, Cllr Mayberry said, had been a major disappointment.

They were proposed by the town clerk after it had been brought to her attention that some people did not know who their councillor was or how to get hold of them. Volunteers were asked to come forward to attend a surgery on March 19.

As for the new children’s play equipment, councillors heard that work is underway for the new park on the Parrog and that they would soon look at Lota Park.

Other items such as renting the meeting room in Town Hall and the Christmas lights also came up.

After the discussion Cllr Alex Allison pointed out that his items had not been put on the agenda.

“I’m a bit disappointed,” he said, “we agreed to pursue them but they seemed to have died in the water.

“We need to think higher than just flower beds and Christmas lights,” he added.

The clerk told Cllr Allison he had sent them after the agenda was circulated.