MEMBERS of a young person’s trust are leading the drive to reinstate the skate park in Fishguard.

There used to be a facility in Lota Park, but the equipment was removed a few years ago after it fell into a state of disrepair. The footprint remains though.

County Councillor Pat Davies is the chairman of the Board of Trustees at POINT and says the youngsters would desperately like to see it back.

“At the moment they’re using their scooters and skateboards in car parks, while others are jumping on the bus to go to skate parks in Haverfordwest, Newport or Cardigan,” she said.

“If we can get the one back in Lota Park the children can be safe in their own community.”

A large group of people have come on board with the project, including members of the Round Table, Soroptimists and Communities Together, but Cllr Davies insists the project is very much the youngster’s baby.

She said: “They’re a brilliant group and everyone enjoys being around them.

“They know what they want at the skate park and we’ve gone to a few companies asking them to come back with designs.

"We will then apply for grant funding."

The youngsters from POINT were guests at the last Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council, during which they enthusiastically explained their reasons for wanting the skate park back.

Speaking after the meeting, the deputy mayor, Councillor Richard Grosvenor said: “The Town Council fully support this effort; after all we have attempted to win a grant for a skate park ourselves but were turned down. I do feel that the involvement of POINT will strengthen the case made by the Town Council and I hope the young people will be rewarded for their efforts in the near future.”