A THRILLER inspired by the 1970s UFO sightings in Broad Haven looks set to be a best-seller.

Welsh Author Neil Spring visited the seaside village to research and write his spooky second novel, ‘The Watchers’, which is based on true events and draws from historical documents.

“I located and spoke to many witnesses who never went on record with their sightings at the time,” said Neil. “My research has led to new questions being asked in the House of Lords. At the time of the sightings, the MOD asked the military police to look into the happenings, and did not tell ministers - or parliament.”

House of Lords member and Conservative life peer, Lord Black of Brentwood, said points raised in ‘The Watchers’ should be investigated.

"A number of recently released Ministry of Defence files leave little doubt that a small number of sightings of aerial phenomena - particularly by military personnel, pilots and air traffic controllers - remain unexplained and unidentified,” Lord Black explained. “Neil Spring's fascinating new novel, inspired by declassified MoD files, underlines how many unanswered questions there are. There needs to be further examination of these issues in the hope of learning something new."

‘The Watchers’ is a blend of suspense, thriller, sci-fi and horror. Seven productions companies are already bidding for the rights to turn the story in to a TV show.

Neil’s first book, ‘The Ghost Hunters’, is currently being made into a film for ITV, starring Rafe Spall.

Both novels are available on Amazon. For more information about the author, visit www.neilspring.com