EAGLED-eyed shoppers have “pecked” up their prizes for Haverfordwest Business Circle’s “Spot The Pigeon” competition.

As part of the national Support Your High Street campaign, the Business Circle perched 100 of the coloured model birds around the county town’s centre.

Entrants were asked to seek out five special multi-coloured pigeons to win a goody bag bursting with vouchers to spend in Business Circle shops.

“Spot The Pigeon had the best response of any competition we have staged so far!” said a spokesperson for the proactive local organisation.

The gaudy birds have continued the theme of adding colour to the town centre, a theme boosted by the incredible efforts of yarnbombers who decorated Haverfordwest a few months ago.

The pigeons are staying put on their shop front perches for a while longer, although two have mysteriously disappeared from the vicinity of the Riverside Market.