A NOVEL inspired by 1970s UFO sightings in the Broad Haven area is being turned in to a TV series.

Neil Spring's thriller The Watchers, published by Quercus, has been optioned by DNA Films and TV after an eight-way auction.

Set amidst inexplicable goings-on along the Pembrokeshire coastline and Cold War cover-ups at the Ministry of Defence, The Watchers is a gripping paranormal and science-fiction mystery that intertwines imagination and suspense with the historical alien sightings.

The Watchers is Neil’s second novel. His first book, The Ghost Hunters, was published in 2013 to critical acclaim and is now being adapted into a major television drama for ITV starring Rafe Spall. Entitled Harry Price: Ghost Hunter, the show is expected to air this winter.

Tom Winchester, head of TV development at DNA films, said: “Neil Spring is a master of the modern gothic chiller. Working with him on the ITV adaptation of The Ghost Hunters was a pleasure, and I'm thrilled that he's decided to bring his second novel to DNA Films and TV.”

Neil added: “I always envisaged The Watchers making a great returnable drama that gets under your skin, and as one of the finest film companies in the world I have no doubt that DNA Films and TV is the perfect home for the work.”

DNA’s films include Trainspotting, Never Let Me Go, 28 Days Later and Ex Machina.

For more information about the author visit www.neilspring.com