HAVERFORDWEST residents showed their green fingers on Saturday as they planted over six hundred bulbs.

The daffodil plantathon took place on The Bridge Meadow, near Morrison’s supermarket, and was the idea of local artist Penny D Jones, who had been involved with a similar project in Carmarthen.

Haverfordwest Town Councillor Jonathan Collier said: “We had about a hundred bulbs in hand and just talked about where they could be planted in Haverfordwest to bring a bit more colour to the town.

“I suggested the Bridge Meadow Riverside Park. We ended up planting over six hundred bulbs and all the people who were there kindly turned out in very bad weather to help out.”

Haverfordwest Mayor Cllr Sue Murray and Sheriff Cllr Chris Thomas also braved to poor weather to offer a hand in brightening the Riverside area.

Councillor Collier added: “I think the fact the we've had a such a good turnout despite the weather is a really clear indication of the interest in projects like this and the desire to see Haverfordwest become a cleaner, tidier and brighter place to live and work.

“I must give my thanks to Newbridge Nursery and HomeBase for donating tools and bulbs."