The polls have closed, the ballot boxes are ready and the count to determine who controls Pembrokeshire County Council for the next five years begins at 9am.

Our reporters will be at the count at Sir Thomas Picton sports hall in Haverfordwest throughout the day and updating as and when the latest news and results come through.

To recap the current situation, Pembrokeshire County Council is made up of 60 seats.

The Independent Group currently has control with 39 councillors.

Plaid Cymru have 5 seats as do the Conservatives. There are also 5 councillors who are not affiliated to any group. Labour have 4 councillors and the Liberal Democrats 1. There is also a single vacant seat.

There are 47 seats up for grabs today after 13 areas saw sitting county councillors returned unopposed.

There is guaranteed to be at least one major change for the Independents with group leader John Davies stepping down from the role, although he is seeking re-election to the county council in the Cligerran ward.

Cllr Jamie Adams (Camrose) has been returned unopposed and is widely expected to become leader of Pembrokeshire County Council should the independents secure a majority today.

News, quotes and the latest from the count will be posted below as soon as we have it.

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9am:Counting has started at Sir Thomas Picton School sports hall.

9.23am: CILGERRAN RESULT: John Cwmbetws Davies, (Independent) 751. Kett Seymour (Plaid Cymru) 51.

In a resounding victory Pembrokeshire County Council leader John Davies has been re-elected to his Cilgerran seat.

Cllr Davies told the Western Telegraph he was looking forward to serving his community for the next five years and despite the challenges facing the next administration he felt the council had been left in “reasonably good hands”.

“I'm very pleased given what's happened to many leaders in Wales. One understands people are finding it hard and seeking change.

“I'm very humbled by the result, it's been a privilege to serve for the last 13 years.

"Many leaders are not returned to their seats and I'm glad that I've managed to buck the trend.”

9.33am: FISHGUARD NORTH EAST RESULT: Myles Pepper, (Independent) 609. Richard Parry Davies, (Welsh Conservatives) 176.

9.40am: EAST WILLIAMSTON RESULT: Jacob John Williams, (Independent) 602. Jim Codd, 282. Nigel Birt-Llewellin, (Welsh Conservatives) 41.

East Williamston has a new voice on the County Council-22 year-old Jacob John Williams. Following his resounding victory Mr Williams told the Western Telegraph:

"I have put a lot of effort into my campaign and I hope today we will see some new faces in County Hall. I think things can become stale and I think it it time for something new.

"I don't think an individual councillor can do miracles but I hope the residents of Pembrokeshire will be proud of their county council."

9.49am: CRYMYCH RESULT: Keith Lewis 707, Independent; Cristoffer Wyn Tomos, Plaid Cymru 488

9.53: AMROTH RESULT: Tony Brinsden, Independent 313; Dily Jenkinson, Welsh Conservatives 167

9.57: FISHGUARD RESULT: Pat Davies,Welsh Labour 293; Rhys Hughes, Plaid Cymru 28; Henry Walter Jones,Welsh Conservative Party 101; Jackie Maddocks 49; Dai Williams, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 82.

Labour candidate Pat Davies took the Fishguard North East seat with 293 votes, previous councillor Sian James, Independent group, stood down.

“I hope to get people in Fishguard engaged, the turn out wasn't good but I want to get people engaged and work absolutely as a team with Myles Pepper and the Goodwick candidate.

"We spoke before the election and as a team we will work together and work with other organisations in Fishguard as well,” she said.

9.58: HAVERFORDWEST CASTLE RESULT: Thomas Baden Tudor, Welsh Labour 557 Sarah Marie Llewellyn, Welsh Conservative Party 263

Councillor Tom Tudor said:

“I'm very pleased with the result and would just like to thank the residents of Castle Ward who have voted for me and who have trusted me to their county council for the next term of office.

"I will serve the whole ward to the best of my ability as I have always done, irrespective of any political allegiances.”

10.05: HAVERFORDWEST PRIORY RESULT: David Michael Bryan, Independent 684 Byron Henry Frayling 103 Three votes rejected. Cllr Bryan said he was delighted with the result and very grateful to the voters of Priory.

10.08: HAVERFORDWEST GARTH RESULT: Lyndon Leslie Frayling 237; Peter John Illes, Independent 144; John David Vaughan, Welsh Conservative Party 112; Wally Watson, Welsh Labour 172.

There were shouts of "yes" when Cllr Frayling returned this seat.

10.12: HAVERFORDWEST PORTFIELD RESULT: Peter Stock Independent 685; Christine Whelton, Welsh Conservative Party 232.

10.17: HUNDLETON RESULT: Johnny Allen-Mirehouse, Independent 337; Margot Magdalena Hanna Mechthild Batemen 297, David William Edwards, Welsh Labour 120.

10.23: GOODWICK RESULTS:Gwilym Price, Welsh Labour 238; Richard John Grosvenor, Liberal Democrat Focus Team 119; Moira Lewis, Plaid Cymru 169; ; James Jonathon Thickitt, Welsh Conservative Party 149.

Moiria Lewis, Plaid Cymru, lost her Goodwick seat:

“I'm bitterly disappointed because I've worked as hard as I can in Goodwick and achieved a lot,” she said.

She said that the election campaign had been “vicious” and that she had nearly had a nervous breakdown as a result.

10.31: LLANGWM RESULT: Michael John, Independent 537; Damiana Morgans 377.

10.33: LAMPETER VELFREY RESULT: David Simpson, Independent 362; Jo Hammond Welsh Conservative Party 185.

10.29: LAMPHEY: Tessa Hodgson 292; Clive Collins 163; Jon Harvey Welsh Conservative Party 136; Beth Power, Welsh Labour 85. Two papers rejected.

10.42: LETTERSTON RESULT: Tom Richards, Independent 381; Tasha Danielle Sexton Welsh Conservative Party 339.

10.45: JOHNSTON RESULT: Ken Rowlands 542; Angela Beatrice Newman 171. The county council has just announced that the average turnout was 55%.

10.56:MILFORD HAVEN RESULT: Stephen Glanville Joseph, Plaid Cymru 421; Anne Hughes 224; Tony Miles, Independent 48.
Two papers rejected.

Anne Hughes, who lost her seat in the Milford Central ward to Stephen Joseph of Plaid Cymru, said:

"I have worked very hard but the people have spoken.

"Let's hope all the promises that have been made can now be delivered."

Mrs Hughes thanked her family for all their support and said she would now be devoting her time to them and her grandson who is battling Leukaemia.

The result marks the end of an era as Mrs Hughes has also stepped down from Milford Haven Town Council after 20 years of service.

Stephen Joseph said he was 'humbled' by the vote result and thanked his wife Naomi-campaign manager- and Rhys Sinnett for helping him with a 'great campaign.'

10.58: MARTLETWY RESULT: Rob Lewis 533; Jules Thomas, Welsh Conservative Party 242.

11.07: MERLINS BRIDGE RESULT: Umelda Havard 225; Stephen Brown, Welsh Labour 193; Paul Davies, Independent 161.

11.15: MANORBIER RESULT: Phillip Kidney 319; Malcom Calver 267; Ray Hughes 145; Eleanor Parker, Welsh Conservative 70; Norman Richard Parry, Independent 65; Pearl Tew, Independent 7; Tony Wales, Welsh Labour 132.

11.19: MAENCLOCHOG RESULT: Huw Meredydd George 672; John Rhys Davies, Plaid Cymru 440.

11.30: NARBERTH RESULT: Wynne Edwin Evans 403; Di Clements, Welsh Conservative Party 183; Sue Rees, Independent 215.

11.37: MILFORD HAVEN NORTH RESULT: Stanley Thomas Hudson, Welsh Conservatives 439; John Williams Cole 414. 11.38:

11.40: MILFORD HAVEN HUBBERSTON RESULT: Vivien Mary Stoddart 292; Alun Byrne, Welsh Labour 273.

11.44: MILFORD HAVEN HAKIN RESULT: Mike Stoddart, Independent 478; Rhys Williams, Welsh Conservative Party 136.

11.46: MILFORD HAVEN EAST RESULT: Guy Woodham,Welsh Labour 353; Dan Mills, Welsh Conservative Party 217.

11.59: NEYLAND WEST RESULT: Paul Nigel Miller, Welsh Labour 345; Dorothy Cox, Independent 188; Maureen Molyneux 148.

12.01: PEMBROKE DOCK LLANION: Sue Perkins, Welsh Labour 395; Peter Frederick Stanley Kraus 338.

12.05: NARBERTH RURAL: Elwyn Morse, Independent 472; Rayner Peett, Welsh Conservative Party 87

12.10: NEWPORT RESULT: Paul Harries, Independent 228; James Llewellyn Davies, Independent 49; Nikki Kilmister; Liberal Democrat Focus Team 37; Vicky Moller,Plaid Cymru 77; Tina Shevlin, Independent 160.

12.18:: PEMBROKE DOCK CENTRAL RESULT: Alison Lee,Welsh Labour, 190; Kate Becton 66; Martin Cavaney, Independent 111; Chris Harries, Welsh Conservatives 62.

12.19: PEMBROKE ST MARY NORTH RESULT: Arwyn Williams 304; Ceri-Ann Bowles, Welsh Conservative Party 136.

12.25: PEMBROKE DOCK MARKET RESULT: Brian John Hall 361; Andrew James McNaughton, Welsh Labour 165.

12.31: PEMBROKE ST MICHAEL RESULT: Jonathan Anthony Robert Nutting 489; Aden Brinn, Welsh Conservative Party 432.

12.39: PEMBROKE MONKTON RESULT: Pearl Llewellyn 347; William Skyrme Rees 153.

12.54: PEMBROKE ST MARY SOUTH RESULT: Daphne Margaret Jane Bush 172; Melanie Phillips 164; Aaron Leigh Carey, Welsh Conservatives 136.

12.57: SAUNDERSFOOT RESULT: Phil Baker 562; Rosemary Hayes, Welsh Conservative Party 333

Penally's vote is currently subject to a recount.

1.04: RUDBAXTON RESULT: Steve Yelland, Independent 212; Richard Nicholas Hancock, Welsh Conservative Party 154

1.13: PENALLY RESULT: Jonathan Spencer Preston, Plaid Cymru 276; Jon Everett, Welsh Conservative 255; Graham Fry; 45.

1.19: SOLVA RESULT: Lyn Margaret Jenkins, Independent 189; David Phillips 179; Mollie Roach, Welsh Labour 152; Stephen John Bale, Independent 49.

This result was given after a recount.

1.21: SCLEDDAU RESULT: Owen James, Welsh Conservative Party 255; Raymond Llewhelin, Independent; 200. Bethan Hughes, Plaid Cymru 90.

1.25: ST ISHMAELS RESULT: Reg Owens, Independent 270; Adam Gent, Welsh Conservative Party 184; Moira Hawkins, Independent 160.

1.29: ST DOGMAELS RESULT: Mike James, Independent 746; Adam Herriott, Plaid Cymru 63.

1.44: TENBY NORTH RESULT: Fiona Birt-Llewellin, Welsh Conservative Party 152; Michael Williams, Plaid Cymru 518.

1.51: ST DAVIDS RESULT: David Gareth Beechey Lloyd, Independent 415; John George 205; Debra Murphy, Welsh Conservative Party 126; Alan Charles York, Welsh Labour 117.

1.56 TENBY SOUTH RESULT: Michael Evans, Independent 511 Jennifer Mary Bradley 199.