THREE local volunteers, who have collectively served 25 years at Barnardo’s in Milford Haven, have been rewarded for their dedication.

Brenda Picton and Esme McClaren, who have volunteered at the shop for ten years, and Margaret Phillips, who has completed five years’ service, received certificates during an in-store presentation last Thursday.

Esme, who began volunteering at the Charles Street shop after her retirement in 2002, said: “I love the community and the customers coming in, meeting people, and giving something back to such an important charity.”

Brenda added: “Volunteering has been a great way to keep active and meet new people. I’m thrilled to be receiving this award. The years have simply flown – but they do say time flies when you’re having fun.”

Shop volunteers India Morley, Linda Fowler and Rosy Thomas were also presented with their one-year service certificates and badges.

India, who started volunteering a year ago to gain experience in customer service, said: “I have loved it because I have grown in confidence and improved my own abilities, while helping the charity as well.”

Rosie, who moved to Milford Haven two years ago, said volunteering not only helped her get a job, but she was also able to meet new people and make new friends.

Shop manager Chris Morris added: “I work with a fantastic team here, everyone is so loyal and supportive and reliability is very important for charities.

“We have had a successful year in spite of all the difficulties in the trading climate, and hopefully this will continue next year. The volunteers come in for a couple of hours, but the results of their efforts are fantastic.

“I would like to ask anyone whois interested inbecominga volunteer to come to the shop.”

Barnardo’s, in Milford Haven, is now open on Sundays from 10am to 4pm.