A MILFORD Haven man whose family has worked on the waterway for decades is urging locals to share their memories on a website dedicated to the history of Wales.

Robert Davies, 39, who works at Milford Haven Port Authority and has been uploading pictures of himself, his father and grandfather at work to People’s Collection Wales so that their memories aren’t forgotten.

The People’s Collection Wales website is a constantly growing resource for the people of Wales to learn about their history, and anybody can submit content in a variety of formats.

The hope is that residents in the county will upload content to help capture a true picture of the importance of industry in the county’s ports and bays.

Robert has been a coxswain at the portfor eightoutof his14yearsthere, which involves taking pilots out to large vessels so that the pilot can bring the ship safely into the port.

Robert’s grandfather Bert ‘Bertie’ Davies also worked as a coxswain at the port for 15 years.

Robert said: “Although I share the same job as him, many elements of the role are different. In the 1950s the pilots he was transporting were self-employed so they would have to go out on the boat in all types of weather.

“I hope that through being on People’s Collection Wales my pictures can be a trigger for other people’s memories and lead people to leavecommentsunderneath them.”

Mark Andrews, corporate affairs director at the Port Authority, said: “Uploading pictures such as these is a great way to ensure that we are aware of how the industries that rely on it [the waterway] are changing and share our maritime heritage with the world.”

For more information or to upload your items to the People’s Collection Wales visit www.peoplescollectionwales.