The owners of an elderly cat dumped in Jordanston at the weekend have been condemned by the woman who rescued her. Margaret Bird said her son saw a silver Vauxhall Corsa drive up to the entrance of her home last Saturday morning at about 9am and let the cat out before driving off.

Ms Bird said: "People who do this have no love or feeling for the animal. "You can't just dump it on a busy road, it's awful."

After a visit to the vets a microchip was discovered with an address in Cornwall and identified the cat as 15 years-old and named Abby. But, Ms Bird says the cat does not respond to that name.

The cat is currently receiving treatment for fluid on her lungs and has been diagnosed with a serious heart condition.

A RSPCA spokesman said: "During the past few months we have seen a significant increase in the number of animals, particularly cats that have been abandoned by their owners. "Not only does such behaviour jeopardise the welfare of these animals, but it also demonstrates complete irresponsibility on the part of these owners. " If you have witnessed such an abandonment taking place please call us the RSPCA 0300 1234999 so that our officers can look into these matters."