CALLS for stop signs at Pembroke’s East End mini-roundabout to prevent inconsiderate drivers endangering other road users have been turned down.

Concerns about traffic not using the four-way roundabout properly have been raised at many past meetings of Pembroke Town Council.

At the May meeting, members agreed to ask Pembrokeshire County Council for three stop signs on the four approaches to the roundabout, other than uphill from Well Hill.

At the July meeting of the town council, Pembrokeshire County Council Head of Highways and Construction Darren Thomas said: “It is not considered that the provision of stop markings and signs would make a difference to the motorists who are making the illegal manoeuvre.

“The problem appears to be that some motorists travelling through Main Street with the intention of driving down Well Hill will correctly approach the roundabout in the right lane and then, rather than drive around the roundabout in the normal way, they are taking the direct route to the Well Hill which is to the right of the roundabout.”

He added that officers considered stops would make very little difference to the manoeuvre, and that signs may limit visibility.

Councillor Clive Collins said: “I’ve got enough common sense to know that roundabout is dangerous, something should be done, one way or another, for the users who are trying to use it safely.”

Cllr Collins later said: “There is a school that extensively uses the East End square, Golden Manor; we would look extremely sad if anything happens to one of these children.”

Councillor Dennis Evans said: “The most unsafe road is coming up from Hollyland, how there hasn’t been a major accident I don’t know; I really think it’s time we had stop lines there.”

Councillor Mel Phillips said: “As a pedestrian trying to get across to the Robinsons store you really do take your life in your own hands.”

Mr Thomas responded: “People are not using the roundabout as they should, it has been designed properly but unfortunately it is being misused.”