ST DAVIDS is well on the way to becoming the first dementia friendly city in Wales.

It follows the successful launch of the community project at Ysgol Dewi Sant last September, which was attended by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, Sarah Rochira. She said: "Dementia is becoming an everyday part of our lives and we need to make sure that people have the help they need, and that they live in a place which still value them and see them for the huge asset they are."

Also in attendance was the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb MP and a host of voluntary organisations, such as Age Concern, Alzheimer’s Society, PAVS and Good Neighbours.

Since the launch, a community team has been formed and has met regularly to drive forward the initiative.

On Thursday, January 15, a dementia friendly workshop has been organised for all shops and businesses in St Davids. It starts at 5.30pm in City Hall and people are being encouraged to make every effort to attend to make sure theirs is a dementia friendly accredited organisation.

The community team is also hoping to hold an event in coming weeks to engage with students at Ysgol Dewi Sant. It would tie in with their Welsh Baccalaureate course, as advance level students are required to participate in 30 hours of community service over a two year period. The course leader, Debbie John, believes the introduction of dementia training would provide a perfect fit for the programme.