PUPILS from Stepaside School visited County Hall last week as guests of Pembrokeshire County Council Chairman Wynne Evans.

The pupils spent time visiting various departments, including the authority’s press and marketing department, council chambers and the busy contact centre where they enjoyed learning more about the systems in place for answering calls.

Throughout their tour of County Hall, the pupils asked mature and engaging questions such as: “How many press releases do you write each day and what do you write about?”, while at the contact centre they asked: “What are the calls about?” and: “Do you always know the answers to the questions?”

Councillor Evans said he was impressed with the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the council.

He added: “It was a pleasure taking the pupils of Stepaside School around County Hall. Throughout the tour they listened attentively and it was clear they had an interest in what was being said.

“They are a credit to the school.”