Streets in Laugharne, which were once walked by Dylan Thomas, are due to be given a makeover in time for the writer’s centenary year celebrations.

The township’s Market Street and Grist Square are both set to be improved through the Laugharne Streetscape Enhancement project.

The scheme will high-quality natural stone paving being laid on the footway, along with the construction of dwarf walls, the replacement of street furniture and the planting of a number of trees.

Funding has been secured from RDP Sir Gar for the work, and the project is scheduled to be completed early next year.

The money was accessed through Carmarthenshire County Council’s regeneration and leisure department, and officers joined the two senior county councillors responsible for rural affairs and economic regeneration on a recent visit to Laugharne.

Councillor Jim Jones and Councillor Meryl Gravell were in the township to look at the sites for the work, and Councillor Gravell said: “I'm pleased that RDP funding accessed through our regeneration and leisure department is being used to invest in Laugharne by improving these areas which are a central part of the community. Both local people and visitors will benefit from this work.”