Calls are being made for improved safety and signage at a new road junction on the recently-opened Red Roses by-pass.

Simon Hart MP is joining forces with a local community council to campaign for the ’hair-raising’ turn-off to Pendine, which is on a very fast section of road, to be made safer.

There are also no signs to Pendine – meaning that traffic for the busy resort is missing the junction and ending up in Amroth or doing u-turns in Llanteg.

“This new stretch of road is a fantastic improvement for the communities of Llanddowror and Red Roses, but we have got a few teething issues,” said Mr Hart.

“If you are coming from the St Clears direction and want to turn left to get to Red Roses and Pendine, it is extremely hair-raising.

“The junction is practically 90 degrees and it comes at the end of a very fast downhill section. You have to slow right down to take the turning safely and traffic coming down behind you has to brake hard. The junction at Llanddowror has a filter lane and that is what is needed at Red Roses too.”

Mr Hart raised concerns about the junction with Welsh transport minister Edwina Hart last November. Following further lobbying by Eglwyscummin Community Council, an additional advance warning sign has been put in place and Mrs Hart has agreed that the situation will be monitored.

Mr Hart added: “I stood at the junction for 20 minutes one Friday morning and counted 40 cars in twenty minutes using the junction.

“I also saw three lorries carrying jalopy cars going to the races in Pendine who missed the junction and had to turn back.”

Pendine resident Rebecca Griffiths said: “I don’t think the new by-pass is on sat navs yet and Pendine is not signposted, so our last three sets of guests have all missed the junction and ended up in Amroth.”