SAYING farewell to her crowning glory has helped Monica Thomas raise more than £2,000 for two good causes close to her heart.

Monica, aged 61, put herself in the hairdresser’s chair for a charity headshave at Whitland’s Station Inn.

And she was overwhelmed by the donations that friends and well-wishers gave towards Multiple Sclerosis Research and St Mary’s Church, Whitland.

“I was diagnosed with MS back in 1990, when there wasn’t much information about it,” said Monica. “But now I have a wonderful MS nurse and I am getting so much help, that I wanted to give something back.”

A large crowd gathered at the Station Inn as Monica’s hairdresser, Rose Rickard of Rose’s Salon, wielded the scissors and the razor on her hair.

“Everyone was cheering in amazement,” said Monica. “It was a wonderful feeling and I feel great - just a bit cold around my ears! I think I am still on a bit of a high, to be honest.

“I just couldn’t believe how generous people were; I never expected to raise so much money, and it’s still coming in.

“I thought people might give £1, or £2, but I have been completely overwhelmed by people’s generosity, and I feel very humbled.

“The vicar, the Rev Kingsley Taylor, told me is just showed how well I was loved.

“People say I am brave doing this, but I don’t think I am.”

With the support of her husband, Gil, Monica enjoys getting out and about in her wheelchair or a mobility scooter, and the couple frequently explore the Wales Coastal Path - with Gil riding a folding bike - and visit the Torch Theatre,.

“Words cannot describe how lucky I am to have Gil,” said Monica. “He is my lover, my best friend and my drinking buddy (but not so much, these days!).

“We worked hard and we played hard, and now he is my carer. He is such a good man.”