AN OIL leak has reappeared in a Laugharne stream.

Over 12 months on from a previous appeal, Environment Agency Wales is again urging people living in the area to check their heating oil tanks for leaks after oil was found in the River Corran.

The oil sheen is visible in the river at the car park near Laugharne Castle, along with a strong oily smell.

Officers have placed absorbent pads and booms to contain the oil, but want to trace the source.

Initial investigations have traced the oil in the general direction of Frogmore Street /Gosport Street, but the oil could be coming from a house on or behind these streets.

A local officer, leading the investigation for Environ-ment Agency Wales, said: “We did not have any luck tracing the source of the oil last year, and it could come from a similar source. We are again trying every avenue for the source but do need the help of local people.

“We want people to check their tanks for any leaks, see if their oil levels have dropped quickly or if it seems they are using a lot more to get in touch with us. We can then arrange to come over and see how we can help.

“It is not only the effect in the river that is of concern, replacing lost oil is an expensive business so keeping that loss to a minimum is important.”

If people discover a leak or have any information they can call 0800 80 70 60 and report it. A local officer will be in contact to arrange a visit as a priority.