Whitland Male Voice Choir and their wives have recently returned from a successful short visit to Brittany.

They stayed in the village of Loheac, where their hotelier, Stephan, had spent some time in Whitland as a young boy.

As well as visits to local towns and villages, the choir party gave two concerts.

The first was in Pipriac, which has been twinned with Whitland for the past 30 years.

The audience in Eglise St Nicholas enjoyed the choir's rendition of Welsh, English and Latin numbers, under the baton of musical director Juliet Rossiter and with Hefina as accompanist.

The concert was followed by a reception, where the choir was welcomed by the mayor and several friends from the Pipriac twinning group. Choir chairman, Barry Webb, responded and the mayor was presented with a commemorative plaque by Councillor Val Phillips on behalf of Whitland Town Council.

The second concert saw the choir greeted outside the Eglise St Gregoire, near Rennes by a local band of bagpipes, drums and pipes. Afterwards, the mayor was presented with a gift from Whitland by Barry Webb.

Soloists in both concerts were Martyn Davies and bus driver and chorister, Clive Edwards. Audience Translation of announcements at the concerts was provided by Angelique Perrault from Pipriac, who formerly taught at Whitland school and now teaches French in Burry Port. The tour was organised by Hugh Lewis, assisted by Stan Phillips.