Stephen Crabb, MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire, has been appointed to serve in the new coalition as a Government whip. The appointment was confirmed by the Prime Minister yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

Stephen was offered the position a week ago and attended his first Government whips meeting on Monday in 9 Downing Street.

Whips play a key role in managing the passage of Government legislation through parliament.

Stphen said that their role will be especially important in this parliament, where no single party has an overall commons majority. He added that maintaining a stable and efficient coalition Government will be the key priority for the whips.

Stephen will have special responsibility for Department of Health and Cabinet Office business.

As a member of the Government, Stephen will no longer be able to speak in the House of Commons with the freedom of a backbencher and cannot table parliamentary questions.

He will, however, meet regularly with ministers to discuss issues and concerns affecting people in Pembrokeshire and will personally follow-up cases with relevant ministers when acting for constituents.

"It is an honour to be asked to serve in the Government,” said Stephen.

“I was especially pleased to be offered a position within the whips office which will play a vital role in ensuring a stable administration for our country in the months and years ahead.

“It is a hugely exciting time in British politics to join the Government although the challenges we are facing are enormous.

"While I intend to do my very best in this new role, I am absolutely clear in my mind that my work for Preseli Pembrokeshire must not suffer. I intend to pursue constituents' cases just as vigorously as before and achieve the best possible results for local people."