Stephen Crabb made a campaign stop at Haverfordwest Farmers Market on Friday (April 16th) to highlight Conservative plans to support local food producers and put an end to dishonest labelling of non-British food.

Honest food labelling would be a key priority for a new Conservative Government. Current laws allow foreign meats to be imported into Britain to be processed into bacon, sausages and pies which can then be labelled to suggest they are ‘British’.

Conservatives will introduce honest 'country of origin' labelling to restore trust and allow people to choose food with confidence.

Mr Crabb also used the visit to discuss a range of issues with the traders at the Farmers Market such as transport costs and employment regulations. He has been a strong supporter of the market since it was launched and has worked with several local food producers on initiatives to promote their products in Pembrokeshire and further afield.

Speaking at Haverfordwest Farmers Market, Mr Crabb said: “Pembrokeshire is a county rich in the products of the land and the sea, from potatoes to chocolate, lobster to lamb and sea bass, beef to cheese. Local food production is an increasingly important part of the Pembrokeshire economy. I want more food retailers, in the county and further afield, to recognise the high quality of the produce and put it on their shelves.

“Conservative plans for honest food labelling; a new supermarket Ombudsman to ensure fair supply practices from the supermarkets; and new measures to encourage small and micro businesses to grow will provide a boost to food producers right across our county.

“Another measure we would drive forward is to ensure more of the food the public sector buys comes from UK sources. This brings a huge range of benefits: a greener food chain, improved nutritional standards, support for higher welfare standards, and a stronger rural economy. We will work with local authorities, schools and hospitals to increase local sourcing.”