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Richard Lawson is standing for UKIP in Preseli Pembrokeshire.

Born in Newtown Montgomeryshire in 1957 he spent his early years growing up in Kent where he attended school before returning to Wales over 20 years ago where he lives with his family and three children.

He works as an electrician, as he has for the past 30 years, and considers himself to be a 'typically average Briton who has seen a steady erosion of just about everything that we once held dear'.

He says he joined UKIP because he wants to see a change for the better and believes firmly that "UKIP is the only party that can deliver the changes and return to proper values that our country needs. The other parties just waste resources and effort essentially propagating much the same policies that have led to the decline in British life." He said: "It is now time to try something else and to take control of our future with real change."