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All the results from the Pembrokeshire County Council elections as they happen

Last updated:

    The final tally, taking into account those seats where there was no election, is as follows:
  • Independent/Unaffiliated - 34
  • Welsh Conservative - 12
  • Welsh Labour - 7
  • Plaid Cymru - 6
  • Welsh Lib Dems - 1


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SM1968 11:01am Fri 5 May 17
well done to the folk in Camrose, 5 more years of farmer boy screwing us over
Score: 5
malcolm calver Replying SM1968 11:22am Fri 5 May 17
That is democracy I am afraid at least this time there was a contest. If only there had not been so many contesting the seat he may have failed as the others received 768 votes between them
Score: 2
[deleted] 11:43am Fri 5 May 17
Score: 0
dbd 11:57am Fri 5 May 17
Doesn't matter, their all as bad as each other. Not worth voting.
Score: 2
Happyasapiginsh** Replying dbd 12:16pm Fri 5 May 17
Totally agree, if people knew their vote would make a difference I'm sure the turn out would have been a lot higher than 47.5%.
Score: 2
Electra1 Replying Happyasapiginsh** 5:01pm Fri 5 May 17
And if they had bothered to do research into their candidates the outcome may have been better.
Score: 1
Jacob Taylor 12:11pm Fri 5 May 17
Think you need to check the Goodwick result..!
Score: 0
Electra1 1:18pm Fri 5 May 17
Although she is not in my ward I was sorry to hear that Hilary Wood didn't get in. I wonder how many people knew she was the one who reported that children in Neyland were being shut in padded cells. It was in the papers and on the BBC news and she lost her job because of it.
Score: 3
Hyper-injunctions Replying Electra1 7:06am Sat 6 May 17
Yeah we remember. I believe she had a melt down in the WT online comments sometime ago.
Score: 0
[deleted] 1:49pm Fri 5 May 17
Score: 0
[deleted] 1:55pm Fri 5 May 17
Score: 0
malcolm calver 2:01pm Fri 5 May 17
Good photo of the the infamous supporter of the sport of foxhunting Simon Hart and the female body licker Stephen Crabb. Please remember before you give the two Conservatives your forthcoming vote that both were Remainers in the EU referendum. Thankfully both Jacob Williams and Mike Stoddard have both retained their seats.
Score: 4
Rudith Replying malcolm calver 4:05pm Fri 5 May 17
What's wrong with female body licking?
Score: 5
malcolm calver Replying Rudith 4:20pm Fri 5 May 17
I have no objection to a male such as Crabb performing such an exercise on a female, if that is your wish, but I am afraid in you are in a family / married relationship you must show some respect to your wife.
Score: 0
Pembrokeshire in my blood 4:23pm Fri 5 May 17
How is it that the Independent Plus are claiming 34 seats, yet as a party they only won 13. They seem to have added the seats won by the Independents (not plus party 9) with the unaffiliated seats won 12. Has the electorate been conned yet again coz many thought the indys and non affiliated were not part of the plus group which is why they voted for them in the first place. What if the indys joined with the unaffiliated, could they oust the plus group ?
Score: 1
Pembrokeshire in my blood Replying Pembrokeshire in my blood 10:42pm Fri 5 May 17
Can anyone answer my question pretty please? Oh well done Mark Carter, Tim Evans and of course Nicky Watts Camrose for having a good go at Mr Adams.
Score: 0
Quietfrog Replying Pembrokeshire in my blood 10:36am Sat 6 May 17
The IPPG defines itself as 'not being a registered political party, but made up of councillors elected as non-affiliated candidates...' So, technically, the IPPG claiming those seats is correct (albeit utter spin). What is doesn't necessarily seem to mean is that those independent candidates will choose to ally themselves with the IPPG. That is up to them and their own conscience.

Last edited: 10:47am Sat 6 May 17

Score: 0
Dave Edwards Replying Quietfrog 10:54am Sat 6 May 17
Actually, the IPPG is no longer in existence . On monday all councillors will be sworn in and Political Groups will be formed by councillors signing up to them or not. How many of the new councillors who stated their independence will join a Jamie Adams group remains to be seen. A small point , but as Simon Hancock has no need to be the "Plus" the Group may now be just IPG.
Score: 0
Quietfrog Replying Dave Edwards 11:04am Sat 6 May 17
Ahaa! Thanks. The next few council meetings should make for interesting watching as the water gets tested.
Score: 0
Dave Edwards 5:24pm Fri 5 May 17
Anyone betting on an IPPG/Tory coalition? They will be close to 31 plus a few of the SRA promises that have worked in the past. Watch this space.

Last edited: 5:25pm Fri 5 May 17

Score: 0
malcolm calver Replying Dave Edwards 6:26pm Fri 5 May 17
David, you have a poor opinion of both the Tories and IPPG if you believe their members and potential members are just in it for the extra allowances. Surely they are in it to create the Utopia they have promised in their pitch to the electorate, but I suppose time will tell.

Last edited: 6:43pm Fri 5 May 17

Score: 0
philipw Replying Dave Edwards 11:22am Sat 6 May 17
Yes, that's how I see it, an ipg/Tory coalition.......lol. That wont last long. Hard luck in your ward. Labour had a few near misses. Gives me hope that when the Tory love in fades we will come back strong.
Score: 0
[deleted] 9:42pm Fri 5 May 17

Last edited: 9:45pm Fri 5 May 17

Score: 0

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