PROOF of the existence of the elusive Welsh Dragon has been discovered, if this picture is anything to go by!

It has been claimed that after many years of 'following historical records and local folk memories' a group of 'undercover palaeontologists' finally found proof of the existence of dragons in the heart of the Preseli Hills last week.

An almost complete skeleton, showing full wing and tail detail can be seen in the picture which was sent with the message: "We think it's a full grown male based on some of the incomplete remains we've also come across.

"He's about five foot long with a wingspan slightly more than that.

"People might be surprised that it's quite small but judging by his dentition he was lethal even before he brought any fire producing capacity into play."

Anyone stumbling on the find could well believe in the existence of the mythical fire-breathing creature, however, the Western Telegraph, can reveal the creation is actually the work of art student Micky Tose who has been working on an AS art project under the title 'The World of Fantasy'.

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