Parrots are perching children’s television at the top of the poll to keep them company when their visitors have gone home.

The African Greys are enjoying a telly-fest in their new enclosure at Folly Farm.

The parrots’ very own 32” flat-screen set is an ex-display screen donated by Vaughans, of Haverfordwest, and it has pride of place in the new Folly interactive sensory exhibit.

“Moving images are a great stimulus for parrots, and in the same way people often leave their radios on to keep their pets company, we will be leaving the tv on,” said zoo manager Tim Morphew.

What are a parrot's favourite TV shows?

  • Peck to the Future
  • Young, Perch and Famous
  • Parrot's Commercial Breakdown (or an Audience with Jasper Parrot)
  • The De-Peck-tives
  • Wing my bell
  • Squawking Telephone Numbers
  • HARDsquawk
  • Add your suggestions below!