YOU'VE heard of rain dances, now Pembrokeshire is to get its very own "Welsh Rain Concert' at St David's Cathedral.

Audio visual artist Raul Speek is collaborating with musicians to create a 'multi-sense experience' for the concert in August.

Mr Speek, who is from Cuba and settled in Pembrokeshire in 1996, says the county is a remarkable place for any artist or creative person.

He said: "Here is a unique land for quietness, relaxation and inspiration: I have been moved personally by the extreme configuration of the weather patterns.

"In 1996 I got inspiration when I first saw St David's Cathedral which decided me to create a piano piece as a consequence of my experience with the weather.

"The concert was performed in that holy place under the title of Pembrokeshire Weather Report in 2009.

"By 2011, in collaboration with other musicians who live and work around the area I have decided to create another part of the work, focusing this time on the rain."

The concert will be performed on August 27th and will incorporate audio visual elements and new sounds.

"I decided to compile any sound or texture that might reflect the musicial impression that I want to convey the living presence of the rain."

He said the concert will break from the traditional music performances held in the cathedral and works because the original inspiration came from the building's 'spirtual beauty and place within the surrounding landscape'.

"For me as an audio visual artist, it is the only place in Pembrokeshire giving the perfect space where the piece could be created and performed as a reflection of my interpretation of a portrait of what the area means for me," said Mr Speek.

"For some people Pembrokeshire is a water colour painting or a piece of music or a poem, but for me it is a correlation of all these things - a multi-sense experience."